Monday, October 1, 2012


October 1st - Time to look in the mirror.

This summer, I have let things slip -

-I have gained 18 pounds since May
-I have basically stopped running
-I have not been exercising
-I have gone back to my old ways of eating.

Basically, things have gotten out of hand.

I've been having a couple wake-up calls recently.  In September, I bailed on my first race ever, and it's the favorite one I have ever done.  I had to switch from a half marathon to a relay since my training was nonexistent.  I have gone back to feeling sick after a lot of meals due to overeating on a regular basis.

The worst part - I have been making lots of excuses.

So now the time has come to step up.  Now is the time to reevaluate and make some changes.

So here's my commitment to myself and my goal for the remainder of the year:

I will get down to 210 lbs by Christmas.  I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 234.  24 lbs.  almost 3 full months.

Game on.

What are your end of 2012 goals?  How can I help you accomplish them?  Here's my deal to you:  if you have goals for the end of the year, let me know - we'll be accountabili-buddies! 


  1. I have full faith you can do this -- re-focus and re-energizing is a great way to find new motivation! You can do this.

  2. Game on, indeed! You can do it! Best of luck :)