A Thousand Words

I've always had an appreciation for photography.  The ability to tell a story.  The ability for a moment to last forever.

Whenever I am in a new person's environment (house, office, etc.) the first thing I always look at are the pictures hanging on the walls.

Since I was young, I realized I had a little bit of a knack for photography.  Even with point and shoot cameras or an iPhone, it is possible to take priceless photos.  Finally in 2013 I bought my first DSLR photos.

I decided to dedicate this page to some of the images I have captured over the years - ones that are some of my personal favorites.  Hope you enjoy!

Belize - Spring 2006
Belize - Spring 2006

Edinburgh, Scotland - Summer 2006
Kobe, Japan - Summer 2008

Miyajima Island, Japan - Summer 2008

WDW - January 2011

Bristol, RI - July 4, 2010
Boston, MA - July 2010

Minneapolis - Spring 2010

St. Pete Beach, FL - February 2010

Saint Petersburg, FL - May 2011

Moab, UT - March 2012

Moab, UT - March 2013

International Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque, NM - October 2012

Marmot - May 2013
Sawatch Range, CO - May 2013

Fox - May 2013
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO - June 2013
Rocky Mountain National Park - Memorial Day 2013
Mount Evans, CO - June 2013

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