Sunday, February 24, 2013

Into the Swing

We're now a couple weeks into the Team in Training season, and I'm just three weeks away from my first half marathon of 2013.

This week was pretty good.  I've been having a difficult time navigating the scheduling and consistency of my runs, resting when my body's sore, and still making sure I get all of the runs in that I need to.  I can get away with it now, but I'm on the verge of it becoming an issue.  Work was stressful this week, and I think that ended up being an excuse of not accomplishing everything I need to.  As we go on, I need to put 100% into this.

Here's a few updates from the week:

I only ran twice this week:
-Tuesday's "speed work" run (first Tuesday TNT run, so we're easing into the speedwork) - I made it 3.2 at a little faster pace than normal, so that was great.
-Saturday's TNT long run.  The rest of the team was to run about an hour, but with my race coming up, I had to run more.  I did run with them, and then went off for another 20ish minutes to hit just over 8 1/4.

Running with people
I hate running with people.  I very much prefer to put my headphones in and get lost- get away from the world.  I am learning that TNT scares me a little bit because of this, but it's exactly what I need.  During the long run, I was able to chat for a bit with two people: one coach and one participant.  And the group being together a couple times a week is a blessing.  Such a great and inspiring group of people.

I play volleyball every Wednesday night at my gym - it's been amazing, and I've met a whole lot of great people through it.  But now I've reached a dilemma.  I know the pounding it puts on my legs and how sore I am usually up until the long run on Saturday.  I keep telling myself it's good cross training, but I'm not so sure it's the best idea... what to do?

Personal Training
My PT has been incredible.  I did have to bail on my session this week because I woke up feeling like I was going to puke.  But my trainer has been such an amazing addition to my life.  From teaching me about the workouts I'm doing and how I need to do them right.  Working on form and not quitting.  Focusing on my nutrition.  Convincing me to go gluten-free (yes, that happened).  Being a genuine supportive voice.  Helping me unleash my inner super hero.  If anyone in Denver needs a trainer - I can't recommend her enough.  She will change your life, like she changed mine :) Find out more here.

I'm SO CLOSE! this week I passed the 90% mark for my minimum, and I am now at the $200 to go mark.  I can't wait to pass the goal.  To donate, please click here.  Spread the word!

I'm happy because I'm hitting the long runs I need, but I need the rest of my life to coincide with the training, while still keeping balance in my life.  Any suggestions for how to navigate all this?

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