Friday, November 18, 2011

525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year in the life?

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I started this blog.

To me, it was no big deal. Just a fun way to document some of the things that have been going on in my life. A sort of virtual scrapbook to keep track of the important things, and maybe a chance for friends and family living across the country to be updated.

I never expected it to be anything more than that. Yet some of the feedback I have received has been overwhelming to say the least. I have had friends tell me that it inspires them to do things they wouldn't normally do. I have had friends tell me that it encourages them to take risks they wouldn't normally take. It has sparked some conversations that I will remember forever. This was even included in an email from an amazing friend:

Also, I wanted to mention your blog. I think the world would be a much better place if more people looked at life like an adventure and appreciate all the little things in life the way you do. I still remember one post you made about your doubts with creating a blog because no one would read it or be interested in it. But trust me, your blog is worth reading. I admit, I have gone back and read some of your old posts, and they are just the boost I need to stop being lazy, grab life by the horns and make things happen. Like your running stuff…I started running like 2 years ago to get into shape and I sucked at first, but I’ve been trying to get better because I actually enjoy the “not being able to breathe, my legs are burning, and I have so many cramps I can’t keep going” feeling…haha, it somehow always feels worth it in the end. I got so inspired by reading your blogs about your struggles and up and downs with running that I have been training all summer so far…and my roommate said she would sign me up for my first 5K once school starts!!! I’m nervous because I know my time will not be good because running just isn’t for me…but I’m working to get better, and well, I have to start somewhere…so I’m looking forward to it :) So keep updating your blog because I will keep reading it!! :)

I have been floored by some of the responses I have gotten.

Several times, I have questioned why I should even bother... but those responses are why.

Let's take a look back over what the past year has included:

-I saw a couple of the best concerts in my life
-I was in my first wedding
-I ran my first 5K. And 10K. I ran. A lot.
-I went to Disney. A lot.
-I moved to Colorado.
-I lost 50 pounds
-And so many other unforgettable experiences

And for the few people I inspired, there were countless more that inspired me. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing my journey with me :)

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