Thursday, December 9, 2010

5,000 Reasons to Smile

Last night, I ran my first 5K race ever.

In my neighborhood, they have an annual Jingle Bell Run, which starts at the St. Petersburg Pier, goes most of the way to my apartment, then back to the pier.

It started a little rocky. I was trying to find a place to stash the bag I brought, until luckily my friend Rachel agreed to take it while she was walking. As it was starting.

So I started running, but the first half mile consisted of weaving in and out of walkers, dogs, strollers, kids, people standing, etc. aaahhh! Not the most enjoyable experience of my life.

Once I could finally get going, it was fun. SO many people, but the atmosphere was great! There were bands playing Christmas music along the entire way (I would have appreciated it more if I didn't have my headphones blaring), everyone was dressed up in Christmas outfits. I had no idea that there were that many jingle bells on the entire planet.

At 1-1.5 I started to feel sluggish. I didn't think I could do it. Dodging people was exhausting. At 1.5-2 I started to catch a little bit of a second wind. 2-2.5 was a blast. 25-3 was all adrenaline and not quitting.

The best part was seeing Caitlin, Monica, Justin, and Amma waiting at the finish line. Gave them high fives (Justin actually gave me 2 high fives!) and crossed the finish line!

Total Distance: 3.26 miles
Total Time: 29:45
Pace: 9:07/mile

My legs actually felt amazing, I just have to work on endurance... oh well.

First race-


Thanks to Angela, Kyle, Jenna, Doug, Julia, Becca, Rachel, Juliann, Amma, Justin, Caitlin, and Monica for making this a truly amazing night!

Now, I look to the future- I'm down 25 lbs (even though it's not that noticeable yet...) so I will keep rocking that.

I plan on running a race every month next semester (and maybe all year depending on where I end up).

Many more good things to come... step at a time


  1. I know that you don't like to run with people, but the fact that we're both working at becoming better runners is enough for me. I can't wait to race with you, and I'm so proud to have been there for your first finish! :)

  2. So proud of you!

    You definitely earned those 2 high fives from me! :)

    I'm excited you finished your running blog with step at a time!

  3. That's totally awesome Jeff! I just saw in your running section you might possibly be running in the warrior dash next month...tell me how it goes. A group from work want to do the one here in minnesota at afton alps at the end of july and I've already started to train for it!