Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid-Year Report

2011 is officially half over. Whoa.

I figure it's time to check in to see my progress on the goals I had for 2011:

1. Accomplish (as much as I can of) the Florida List. Some weren't completed, but I guess that gives me reasons to go back to FL! DONE!
2. Earn another 4.0 spring semester DONE!
3. Become a Master (graduate from grad school) DONE!
4. GET A JOB DONE! Colorado in a week :)
5. Read 50 Books On #23 as we speak!
6. Run a race every month (mostly 5K, some 5K w/ obstacles, & hopefully a 10K+) 8 Races in 7 months, going back to Dec. Working on the last part of the goal
7. More running goals- Run 211 miles, run for 10 miles, sub-7:00 mile 84.11 miles. 3.56 miles. 8:32. Gotta crank all these up!
8. Complete P90X (I was 0/4 in 2010) 0/1 in 2011. Not going to happen. I'm ok with that.
9. Lose 50+ lbs. 20 so far in 2011- (30+ total)
10. Visit 5 new states/countries Oregon, South Carolina, Colorado. (Plus trips to Philly, St. Augustine, Savannah, and the epic road trip home- been to the states, but lots of new experiences)
11. Smile and laugh. A lot. Always. That's what life is all about.

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