Monday, June 17, 2013

What now?

What now?

That's the question that so many people ask themselves after completing their first marathon.  After months of training, it's customary to fall into a lull.  To fall off track.  To lose some of the edge.

Since my race two weeks ago, I have eaten like garbage.  I have gone running once - yesterday's The Color Run.  I've stopped caring about health and fitness.

And that's ok.  At least it was for a little while.  I know I need time to regroup and recharge.  But how much is right?  A week?  A month?  I'm not sure if I know the answer.

All I know is I'm starting to feel the itch again.  Not to run another marathon any time in the foreseeable future, but to get back on the active and healthy train.

So now, I need a few new goals to boost me in the right direction.

Running Goals
-Continue to run races every month, continuing my streak that started in Dec. 2010
-Run a 5K in 26:00 and 10K in 57:00 (2 of my goals from the beginning of the year - now it's go time!)

Weight Goals
-Be at 209 lbs by Labor Day (75 total lost)
-Be at 199 lbs by the end of the year

Active Goals
-Find a consistent weight regiment and schedule
-Consistently play a sport, recreationally or competitively (swimming, volleyball, badminton, etc - I'm ready for some variety)

Time to reassess and continue to find healthy ways to live my life!

What do you like to do to stay active?  What keeps you motivated?

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  1. Love your post-race goals. I floundered a bit too -- but apparently it's normal and that made me feel a whole lot better. You've got this - allow yourself time to recuperate, but then jump back in when you're ready!