Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marathon Outfit

For those curious, here's what I wore for my marathon.  I wanted to share this with you mostly because of what was on the back.

Front - nothing fancy, just the race shirt that dons our Rocky Mountain chapter logo.  This is where the bib also goes - this helps with identification for the thousands of people running the race.  You also see my shoes, which I bought a couple weeks before the race.  The red strap is the timing chip - when my shoe crossed the checkpoints, that's what measured the official time, and was able to send texts to a few people and post on my Facebook.

Back - Here is the section where I ran with the people who donors mentioned they were supporting in honor or memory of.

I ran this race in memory of:

My Grandpa Audley Maxwell Jones
Sharon Spillman's dad John Donald Dvorak
Kevin Smith's uncle Greg
Shawn Brackett's friend Angela
My mon's cousin Kathleen

and in honor of:

Nate Tatarek, a long time neighbor and family friend
Kevin Smith's uncle Brian
Alicia Acker's dad Ted

These people were with me in name and in spirit the entire way.  Thanks for sharing their stories with me.

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