Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Dedicate This Mile...

As a thanks for people donating at least $50, I am dedicating a mile to these people.  I will find a way to have this list with me when I run, so that each mile I run, I will think about these people cheering me on.

1-  Audley Jones - I am dedicating the first mile of the race to my Grandpa - a role model and inspiration for me.
2-  Diane & Tim Madden
3-  Betty & Bob Myers
4-  Tom & Anne Jones
5-  Jim & Gail Bach
6-  Jim & Trish Robbins
7-  Jim & Sharon Spillman
8-  Mary & Paul Olson
9-  Randy & Kathy Oppelt
10-  Mary Satterstrom
11-  Cathy Garvey
12-  Kathy Hart
13-  Peggy & Bill Kloepfer
14-  Wendy Kuntz
15-  Tom & Melonae Kunz
16-  DJ Courtenay
17-  Tim & Naomi Tatarek
18-  Megan Currier
19-  Natasha Nightengale
20-  Team in Training Teammates & Coaches
21-  Adam Rainville
22-  Shannon Madigan
23-  Becky Talpas
24-  Amma Marfo
25-  Kristen Watson
26-  Marilyn, Rick, and Michael - the best family anyone could ask for.
.2-  Me - the home stretch will be my time to say goodbye to the old me.  Who I was is long gone.  When I cross the finish line, I am stepping out of my past and into my future.

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