Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 for '13

Every year, I set some pretty ridiculous goals to set the bar and look forward to the next year.  To dream big.  To aim high.  Here are this year's goals:

Stay below 230 pounds
I peaked in late 2010 at 284.  I started 2011 at about 270.  I started 2012 at about 250.  I am ending 2012 at 236.8lbs.  During 2012 I got down to 217 but quickly gained some back.  Yes, I would love to get down to a certain number, but for starters, I want to stay consistently below a certain number.  It should take me just a couple weeks to get below the 230 mark, then I plan to spend the rest of the year in the 220's and beyond.

No McDonald's or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
My two biggest weaknesses when it comes to food.  Gone.  For a year.

Run a race every month
I ran my first 5K in Dec. 2010 and have ran at least one race every month since.  The streak will continue in 2013.

Run a marathon
I have signed up for Rock n Roll San Diego on June 2nd.  I have to raise a whole lot of money to make it happen.  To learn more and to support me in this journey, click here.

Run under the following times:
5K: 26:00  10K:  57:00  Half Marathon: 2:00:00
Game on!

Run 3 destination races
San Diego is 1.  Hoping for 2 more :)

Visit 5 new places
Exploring the world around me

Read the Bible
Trying to understand...

Increase savings accounts to undisclosed amount
I have a number in mind.  You don't need to know it :)

Have zero balance on my credit cards
2012 marked the first time I've been unable to pay off my credit cards in full every month, and I've been struggling to stay afloat financially since.

I want to do something that matters...

Discover/Rediscover a creative outlet
I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this, so I want to spend some time in creativity

Smile and laugh a lot
Because that's what life is really all about.


  1. Love these goals. You got this friend! I'm rooting for you!

  2. You got this, kid.
    Know that I'm cheering you on from the Bay State :)