Thursday, January 31, 2013


As I reflect on the past month, I really am excited about what it did to set me up for success in the many months to come.  I wanted to take a look back and see how this month helped me take steps toward the goals I had for this month.

One of my goals for 2013 is to stay below 230 pounds.  I started over it, so I knew it would take me a little bit to get below that.

Dec 31: 236.8
Jan 31: 223.2
Down 13 pounds this month - game on!

I have been working out a lot.  I've been seeing a trainer about twice a week since December.  She's amazing!  I've been running a few times a week in the midst of half marathon training, I've been playing volleyball... so much!  I've been eating really well.  I'm mostly gluten free - focusing on a shift to more protein in my life, and just eating better food.  REAL food.  And I feel so great!

This post just about sums it up.  I am finally starting to listen.

Creative Outlets
This is something I've wanted to surround myself with for a while, but haven't really done in a long time.  Here's a couple things that have come out of me messing around a little bit...

Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul. 
W. Somerset Maugham 

Smile and laugh a lot
The last couple years, this has been the last goal on my list for the year.  But I think this is most important.  Some of you know, but this winter has been pretty rough on me.  Internal reasons, external reasons, physiological reasons.  A whole lot of things in my life piling up over the last couple months.  But I am stronger than all of it.  And I am conquering it all :)

February, you're up!

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