Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Run

It has now been over a month since my half marathon, and I have been taking it easy since then.  I have ran two races since, setting a new 5K PR a week after the half and enjoying The Color Run.

Toward the end of my half training, I started having a little bit of trouble with my knees.  This has triggered the month long almost-lay-off so I can jump into training again in July.  But the handful of times I have gone out, there has been no progress, so although it's not hampering me enough to completely stop, I have decided that a trip to the doctor is in order, so that will be coming soon.

However, the true purpose of this post is to look to the future - I have a lot of great races coming up that I am really looking forward to, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, here is the next several months of my races.

Sunday, June 10
Tough Mudder - Beaver Creek, CO
What has been billed as probably the toughest event on the planet, we also just received an email with this headline just in time to get us pumped for the weekend:

Beaver Creek Welcomes One of the Most Challenging Tough Mudder Courses Ever!

10 miles up and down the mountain completing several tough challenges and obstacles along the way.   Bring it on!

Wednesday, July 4
Red, White, and Boom! TC Half Marathon Relay - Minneapolis, MN
For the last year and a halfish, my friend Katie has been one of the biggest supporters of my running journey.  She has been encouraging me to keep doing races and to keep pushing myself.  Several months ago, she told me how it was one of her goals to run a race with me.  Although her original intent was for it to be a marathon, this is a fun way to share something we both love together.  So I get to split a half marathon with one of my best friends in the world!

Friday, August 17
Firefly Run 5K - Denver, CO
What made the Color Run super special was doing it with a great group of friends! Some of the same friends are making a team for this race, which looks like a ton of fun - a night race with everyone wearing glow sticks.

Sunday, September 16
Fans on the Field 10K - Denver, CO
Depending if I decide to do another race in August, this might be the first race that I have ever repeated.  But after doing last year's, I know that I will be doing this race every year that I am living in Colorado.  Fans on the Field is a 10K with a course that winds through the Pepsi Center, Coors Field, and Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the stadiums of the Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies, and Broncos.  It was a truly incredible experience (the race itself was so-so because of the bottlenecking entering each stadium and going through the tunnels) but was an incredible first 10K to run.  The sports fan in me can't get enough!

Saturday, September 22 
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - Denver, CO
Half marathon #2 has officially been registered for.  Training starts July 1.  Aww yeah!

I am possibly doing a couple more small races here and there in the mean time, but I am really looking forward to each of these races.  Hopefully my knee can keep up!  

Happy running, everyone!

I would love to hear what races YOU have coming up - let me know!  What races are you doing??

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  1. I want to do Firefly so badly! Love all your races... so excited to hear about them all! :)