Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Happiest 5K On Earth

Several months ago, I heard about this little race called The Color Run.  For months I watched and waited until they opened registration.  Then delayed it.  Then finally, I was able to register.

I signed my girlfriend up for it to be her first 5K, and got another friend to sort of commit, so that was enough for me.  I invited a bunch of other friends, and basically said "It's going to be amazing, we're already doing it... who else is in?"

Several months later, there we were - meeting up at City Park, ready to have an amazing time.  The excitement of the entire park was incredible!  It was probably the most excitement I've ever felt before a run.  We took a bunch of "before" pictures, put on some paint, and got ready for the adventure.

 In case you've been living in a cave and haven't heard about the amazingness that is The Color Run, here's a quick synopsis:  5K where at every K they have a "Color Zone" and cover you in a different colored powder.  You start out in a white shirt, and by the end you are completely covered in magical color.  At the end it culminates in a super epic dance party/color fight, resulting in every inch of your soul being covered.  Your lungs appreciate it.

What a truly incredible day, and easily one of the favorites since I moved to Colorado.  I will remember spending an unforgettable morning with a great group of friends, and running my first 5K with my girlfriend :) It was a truly special day!

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  1. How comes James is so clean and so white? LOL...