Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 for '12

Last year, I wrote down a bunch of goals for myself for 2011.

I accomplished some of them, I did not accomplish others. I'm ok with that. But what it did is cause me to intentionally think about the things I was doing. Not just in January, but throughout the whole year. As I look back on last year's list, the only thing I don't like is how a few of them were simply items to check off. One-time events that crossed off just like a day on a calendar.

Not a bad thing, and most of them were pretty monumental moments of my life, but for this year I want something a little different. So each item is something that takes a lot of time to complete, if not the entire year. So when I look back at this time next year, I can truly be proud that I spent an entire year working at each of these things.

1. Get down to 210, then never get back above 220. I started 2011 at 270. Shortly before that, I peaked at 284. I ended 2011 at 235. This has been one of the biggest focuses of the past year, even with off and on consistency. I am sick of feeling unhealthy, and this is one of the best ways I can do that. To me, the number isn't as important as how I feel and what I can accomplish physically, and this is the first step in accomplishing some of the things I want.

2. Run a race every month. I made the race-every-month goal last year, and the best thing it did is keep me accountable. If I had a bad month, I still got out and ran. And each time it didn't go well, it was a wake up call. Each time it went well, I got more and more motivated. I have to up it from last year's intention to run a 5K every month. For 2012, I want either 5 mile or 10K to be the standard. I will run 5K's only when I want to try for a new PR, it is a really AWESOME race, or (most importantly) I get my friends to run with me, especially if it is their first time.

3. Run a half marathon. If it goes well, run one in spring, summer, and fall. This is to me the most ambitious one. When I set lofty goals like this, they usually happen more slowly than I anticipate. So the official goal is one. Unofficial goal is 3. We will see.

4. Climb 5 14ers. Because once you climb one, you just can't stop.

5. Ski Keystone, Breckenridge, A Basin, Vail, and Beaver Creek. Hit each mountain of my ski pass at least once. Because I can.

6. Go to a Broncos, Avalanche, Rockies, Nuggets, and Rapids game. Sports are my life.

7. Join a sports league. Because they're fun, and there's nothing I'd rather do every week than play a fun sport with my friends.

8. Present at a professional conference. The transition from grad school into year one of my job made it more difficult to participate in conferences and other student affairsy things. I miss it. This technically is a goal for the 2012-13 school year, but let's try to make it happen in 2012!

9. Discover or rediscover a creative outlet. Spend more time doing things that challenge me and I enjoy. Right now, I'm thinking this could be artistic like photography, drawing, or painting, as well as musical, like guitar or piano. Things that I love that I have struggled to dedicate my time to. Better now than ever.

10. Read 50 Books. Same goal as last year. I read 30 1/2. Not even close, but I read a whole bunch of amazing books. Same attempt. Probably same results.

11. Visit 5 new states/countries. The more places I go, the tougher it gets, but it's always exciting to think about new adventures.

12. Smile and laugh. A lot. Because that is what life is really about.

Yes, 2012 is going to be a good year...

That is, until the world ends in December.

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  1. (13) Take an attractive race photo. I'm working on this too. I took one of the worst photos of my LIFE in Savannah. Let's turn that around this year :)