Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warrior Dash

First race of 2012.

Dirtiest race of 2012.

I took a trip down to Florida to see some friends and get some Disney back in my life, but the reason why I went when I did was for a little race called Warrior Dash.

For those of you rookies who don't know, Warrior Dash is approximately a 5K race filled with lots of obstacles and even more mud. Only true warriors survive... (Insert dramatic tones here)

Ready... GO!

The massive group started running on the trail until we reached the first obstacle - mud. And we're not talking soggy dirt, we're talking sink to your knees quicksand mud, everybody getting stuck, losing shoes, and trudging their way through. In a couple sections. For about 10 minutes. Easily the most exhausting part of the race, and it came within the first few minutes.

Then came Barricade Breakdown - a series of fences to hop over and barbed wire to crawl under. This was my favorite obstacle of the race!

Then came the Teetering Traverse (up and down balance beams), A junkyard filled with tires and cars to get over...

... giant walls, dirt mounds, ponds, streams, cargo nets, tightropes... all in the name of dirty fun.

The race was difficult, but so much fun! The obstacles were a blast - they gave me a rush that I haven't had since high school football workouts. So many people were timidly approaching each obstacle, eeking their way through. Not me. I went all out and conquered each one, considerably faster than most people. It also became apparent as I tuck and rolled face first into the final obstacle (pictured above). This got a lot of cheers from the crowd! An amazingly memorable day with my great friend Amma.

And yes, at one point my shirt was white.

"Today I will do what others won't
so tomorrow I can do what others can't"


  1. Go Jeff Parker!!!! I think...I want to start running.

  2. im getting so excited for this race! i signed up for the one in phoenix in april. so glad to see someone else do it first:)

  3. I love that Katy Beth is commenting on your post too. :)

    I tagged you in my 11 Things post. Go check it out, and complete your questions! have fun! :)