Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diet Bet is Over

A month ago I posted about a challenge I was doing this month:  DietBet

The challenge is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  You put money down to enter, and all winners split the pot.

I entered 3.

The first one was sponsored by Jillian Michaels, it had over 7,600 participants with a pot of over $238,000.  Wow!

The second one was a random one I found on the site.

I started a third one, and got a handful of friends to enter.

The Jillian weigh in was about a week ago, right after I got back from a week in New York.  Bad timing - I lost by a few pounds.

I still had a shot at the other two, but it was going to be tough!  I buckled down the last week and put everything into it.  I would also need a lot of luck to make it happen.

When the DietBet ends, you have 48 hours to weigh in.  My random one and my DietBet ended a day apart, so with each 48 hour window, there was a day overlap - my hope was that on that day, I would hit my goal, the weigh in would count for both, and I'd be a winner.

That overlap day was today.

Yesterday, I woke up a few pounds away.  I ate minimally (not the greatest idea), went for a run after work, and stepped on the scale before bed.  I had a shot, but it would depend on how my body processed the next 24 hours - I could see it going either way.

I woke up today and stepped on the scale - my target weight was 222.5.  The scale read 223.0.  So close!  I went for a run, which usually knocks off a little bit.  I got back on the scale when I got back home- 222.4!  I did it!  I ran to grab my camera (you need to submit a couple photos as proof), and when I got back, the scale read 222.6.  I got off and back on.  222.6.  I tried again.  222.6.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

So, I hastily bundled back up and headed back outside - did a quick couple of sprints and jogged back.  I approached the scale for one last try.

222.0.  Snapped a picture for weigh-in 1.
222.2.  Snapped a picture for weigh-in 2.

I uploaded the photos I needed, hoping that they would be officially accepted, because I knew next time I stepped on the scale I would likely be back over the .5 mark.

Then, I got this email:

I made it!  Barely, but I did it!  9 lbs down in a month - and I can't wait to see what my winnings from the two are!


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