Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colorado Symphony 5K

My September race was the Colorado Symphony 5K on Sept 21.

Since it was my brother's 31st birthday that day, I figured I could run 3.1 miles as a shoutout to him.

The race was held at Sloan's Lake, and amazingly in my two years I lived in Denver, I had never visited the lake.  I parked on one of the side streets and walked to the registration area.  I got my bib, headed over to the start area, and waited for time to pass.

At 8:45 they did the kids fun dash.  I always love these - they're so adorable!  I'm not getting baby fever, but I can't wait until I can bring my kids to a race and have them do the kids runs...

After that, we assembled in the start area, sang the national anthem, and it was time to go!

By the time the race started, the sun was blaring and it was starting to get a little warm - at least from what I'm used to in the mornings in Gunnison.  We did a counterclockwise loop around the lake.

For me, the race was broken up into two different halves.  The first half felt great!  I was running strong, and happy to be at such a low elevation (I'm saying this facetiously, but I can definitely tell the difference when I go back to Denver).  The second half felt pretty bad.  I felt sluggish, heavy, and slow.  I could literally feel all of the 20 pounds I have gained since I ran my marathon in June.  Ugghhh.

All things considered, I'm happy with this run.  I know that in a few weeks/months as I get back into training and the rhythm of running, weight will come down and so will the time.

It was a beautiful day around Sloan's Lake and I'm so glad I got to do this race - and as a result, I already claimed my reward by getting a free ticket to one of the Colorado Symphony shows this season.  Can't wait!

Official Time:  30:10

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  1. What a beautiful lake for a run! Just gorgeous.

    I'm in the 'stuck' boat with you friend. We can do this!