Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fundraising Payback

I have been amazed by how much support people have given me for my marathon fundraising.  I have raised over $1000 over the minimum amount I had to raise, and it his been great to see the generosity that people have shown.

There's a few things I've had to do to pay back, and incentives that I offered for people to donate, so I wanted to give an update with a few things I've done these past couple weeks.

A Gift

To get the fundraising going, I made an offer early in the year that for the first 10 people who donate, I would send a random gift to them some time during the year.  What I decided to do was to send them a mounted photo of one of the favorite pictures I have taken, and hopefully something that is meaningful for them.  Without knowing it, they supported two of my passions - running and photography.


For everyone who donated at least $25, I offered to make a handmade purple bracelet.  Purple is the TNT color, so I figured it would be a fun touch to have something for people who donated.  I ended up having to make over 70 bracelets over the past couple months, and they are currently en route to each of the donors.  I asked them to wear the bracelet on Sunday to show their support!

Making bracelets

Ready to send!

28 for 28 Challenge

A few months ago for my birthday, I held a challenge to get people to donate.  As a result, they could name something that I have to do.  I was hoping I could complete these things before the race, but that just proved to be too difficult.  So after the race, it will be time to complete those things.  Be on the lookout for a future update!

Race Weekend Incentives

There are a few things I have to do for people who donated $50+ during race weekend, and I'm working on those.  I'm putting together my final list of people I am dedicating miles to, and ready to make some thank you phone calls and videos at the finish line.

It has been a blast putting things together and doing things to pay back the amazing contributions that friends and family have made.  As I reach the final home stretch, I'm still in awe of the support I have gotten and it's crazy that race weekend is already here.  26.2 miles, here I come!

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  1. I just LOVED my photo - can't wait to frame it and hang it somewhere special. :)