Saturday, May 25, 2013

Final Long Run

Today marked our final Saturday practice of run training.

An easy 6ish miles/hour of running just to log a few miles.

We met at REI and ran the trail I've ran a few times during this training.  The first 3 miles felt a little sluggish - knees fairly tight, feeling a slight cough I've developed over the last few days (lovely), and the heaviness from the Cheesecake Factory I had last night.

After trudging just under 3 miles, we turned around and headed back.  This felt great.  My knees started loosening up and I felt stronger as the run went on.  Super exciting heading into the week before the race.

For me not being a social runner, I really enjoyed today.  I ran most of it with coach Chris, and we just spent the miles chatting about race day, the excitement of running a marathon, the battles of training, and about our families.  It was nice to have the company and a great way to spend the miles.

I am pretty excited about the way the run went.  I'm a little achy now, but optimistic headed into the race.

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