Saturday, April 20, 2013

Uncharted Waters

This morning I just ran farther than I have ever ran before.

I have been battling a cold the last week and a half, so I haven't been running.  The last run was Tuesday after the Platte River Half.  I've been wanting to just charge through it, suck it up, and keep going, but I knew I was going to have to take some time off.  No reason to risk anything.

So I woke up this morning, got all my stuff ready, and headed out the door to meet up with the team for our long run.  I had no idea how today was going to go.  I just had the feeling like I needed to get out and go, and not focus on the distance.  If I made it 7, great.  If I made it 13, awesome.  Double digits was the goal.  The team was going 16 miles, and I was hoping that I was going to be able to make it that far.  But if I was being honest, I was secretly hoping to just make it farther than I have ever ran, which to this point has been a half marathon - 13.1 miles.

I started running and I felt like crap.  My breathing was heavier, my body felt heavier, I just felt sluggish.  The first half of the run, my breathing was out of whack - I was coughing a little, and just generally feeling the cold.  The second half, my body felt out of whack.  A combination of not running for a week and a half, and the ache your body gets when you're sick, my body just wasn't too happy to be running.

I made it more than 7.  I made it more than 10.  I made it more than 13.1.  When I came to a stop, I had made it 14.26 miles.

This is a turning point in my training - I have now ran 3 half marathons, but this is the first run MORE than that. And over the next few weeks, this is going to be a common theme.  When I run 18.  When I run 20.  There's going to be a handful of Saturdays before the race where I will finish it and be able to say "that was the farthest I've ever ran."  And then comes the big day.

I'm super excited that I made it 14+, and that I am starting to hit distances that I have never gone before.  Each week becomes more and more crucial.

And I can't wait to conquer it run by run!


  1. You rock, dude! Congrats on your first (of many to come) PDR!

  2. Awesome!!! You are an inspiration! If you haven't read the book "Born to Run" you definitely should!