Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chipotle It Forward

Yesterday, I took a trip to Chipotle.  A common occurrence, but ended up being a memorable one.

The line was long, which means I usually turn on my heels and walk out the door - impatience taking its toll.  But I REALLY wanted Chipotle.

So I waited.  And waited.  I had a lot of time to just sit in line.  Cue the people watching.  Couples.  Families.  Coworkers.  The typical Chipotle crew.

As I was looking around the restaurant, my focus fell onto one family in particular.  A young couple, probably in their mid-30s, and their two kids.  One about 4.  The other in a high chair.  I watched them interact with each other - feeding the kids, the 4 year old in and out of the chair, clearly restless, and the high chair toddler looking around - in awe of everything.  Pretty much what you would envision any young family spending time at Chipotle during a busy lunch time.  I found myself watching and smiling.

I finally got up to the counter and ordered my burrito, and proceeded to the register.  As I kept walking, I found myself turning around and peeking at this precious family.  And in a moment, impulse took over.  I asked to put some money on a gift card, wrote a note that said "Happy Friday! Enjoy :)"  I then asked the employee to wait about a minute and go give it to that family, and I walked away.  All I hope is that it put a smile on their face.

My challenge to you is to do something similar.  You always hear stories of people paying for other peoples' groceries, leaving random notes, and similar things to brighten someone's day.  But what holds everyone back from doing something like that?  There is no reason to turn away when making a difference in someone's life is only a moment away.  Do the thing that others won't.  Focus on the little moment that will make a huge impact.

Don't think you can make a difference?  Watch this video.  Anyone can.

Pay Chipotle it forward

What have you done to make a difference in a stranger's life?  Share your story...


  1. That's a great story, Jeff. Way to be a great person :)

  2. I love it! I've been talking with a few people about something similar- the term we've agreed upon is "acts of grace", and I love yours :)

  3. I love this! I had a guy buy my coffee the other day, and I have full intention of passing it on this week. Thanks for the reminder & encouragement to do so!