Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Greatest Pleasure in Life

Week 3 of half marathon training.

"The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do." - Walter Bagehot

It goes back to my letter from the beginning of this journey. Throughout my life, I have been labeled, judged, and criticized because of my weight. When people find out I am actually athletic, they are usually surprised. But for me, I get a satisfaction out of it - when someone doubts me, it usually drives me - to try harder, give more, and be better. So hearing the things I can't do makes me want to show people that I can and will do it. Granted, I haven't accomplished a lot yet on this journey, but it is week 3 and I haven't given up. I won't give up.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 3 Miles
3.14 miles - 30:14 - 9:37 pace
I am slightly astonished by this time - I was hoping for around a 10:00 pace, but started out not feeling stellar. I wasn't sure how fast I was going until I checked my split at mile 1. Faster than I thought. Mile 2ish. Faster than I thought. I've ran faster before, but not in a while - when I started this half marathon training, I essentially had to start over. To see the improvement just from Week 1 to Week 3 is awesome. Great way to start week 3!

Wednesday - 4 Miles
4.01 miles - 39:52 - 9:56 pace
Today started out a little rocky... mile 1 was ok... mile 2 was crap.... I had to walk and take a quick breather. When I started up again, I felt pretty strong and made it the rest of the way without a hiccup. Pace was good the whole way. Wednesdays are tough...

Thursday - 3 Miles
1.51 miles - 13:32 - 8:57 pace
I tried a different strategy tonight... I made a goal to see how quickly I could run a mile, and I needed to find a time to test it out. So that's what tonight was. About .75 I started feeling the dinner I ate, but other than that, it was good! 8:22. After a quick breather, added another half mile and called it a night.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Cross
Yea, I gotta get on that...

Sunday - 6 Miles
5.92 miles - 1:00:14 - 10:10 pace
First "spring" run - shorts & t-shirt, no layers - it felt so amazing! I expanded on my normal routine and took a quick loop through City Park, a park in the heart of Denver. The trees, the fresh air, and the people enjoying the beautiful day made it so much better than the usual boring run through my neighborhood streets. The first 3 felt amazing. Had to take about a 30 second breather at 4.5, and the last mile was a struggle. But I'm getting there.

Yea, it was pretty much like this outside...

And with that, I am officially a quarter of the way done with my half marathon training.

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