Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everest Challenge

Expedition Everest Challenge - Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom

I hate running with people.

Hate it.

Because usually, it's with people faster than me (doesn't take much) who leave me panting in their wake.

So when I signed up for this team race, I was less than thrilled. Especially considering I was running it with Miss Half Marathon herself.

I apologized over and over before we started, knowing that she would have to slow down to my pace.

But it turns out that is an incredible motivator! Just like in any sport, playing with someone better than you is the best way to help you improve. In the same way, I was able to push it with a little faster pace than normal. 3.1 miles later, it was the fastest I have ever run a 5K. And the fastest race by over a minute. Woohoo PR!

That includes the first quarter mile where we literally skipped because the crowd was too large and slow to start running. And the obstacles in the race (hay bail hurdles, tires, cargo net). And the side cramp at mile 1.2.

5K Time: 30:13

Then came the fun part! After the 5K was completed, we were given the first clue of a scavenger hunt. The clues led us throughout the park, solving riddles. Because we're smart (sarcasm font) we decided to sprint from clue to clue. That ended up being another couple miles (uggghhhh!). So needless to say, I pulled a muscle because I'm too competitive.

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  1. You inspired me! I had such a great time running with you, and not just near you. Thanks for such an amazing Disney running/skipping/scavenging experience <3