Monday, July 7, 2014

#13 - Visit Kristen's Parents in Idaho

Kristen and I finally made the trip together to visit her parents in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho.

It was a wonderful trip, and there's no real way of doing it justice on a post, but here's a few highlights, and LOTS of pictures!

-Several outings on the boat, which included relaxing, games, grilling, 4th of July fireworks, tubing, and bald eagles EVERYWHERE!

-Visiting some of the local beauty including Schweitzer ski resort, and a few amazing places in Montana.  I got so reinforce my fear of heights on the swinging bridge...

-Spending the 4th of July in a new place - complete with parade and fireworks on the lake!

-Most importantly, spending some quality time with Kristen's parents, sister, and pets.  I won over the dog, but next up: one of the cats who is comically uncomfortable with everyone.  I got to see Kristen's baby pictures, and spent some quality bonding time getting to know them better and them getting to know me more!

Most trips are hard to come back from, but this one was especially hard, because of how special it was.

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