Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do Life

Once in a while, you come across something that truly speaks to you. That inspires you. That motivates you.

One of those moments for me was about six months ago when I came across this video

Some of you know my history with weight- about the roller coaster over the years. About how a year ago, I found myself at the heaviest I have ever been, even after (a life time ago) I promised myself I would never let myself get back there.

So as I started running again, started dropping weight again, and started to get control of my life again, I stumbled across Ben's story. It couldn't have come at a better time.

For me, stories like these are inspiring, because everyone knows how miserable the journey is. I need to be reminded of why I should keep pushing. Keep fighting. I need a reminder that something better lies on the other side.

Fast forward.

A couple months ago, Ben announced he was traveling the country for the first inaugural Do Life Tour, where people could come run, walk, bike, slither, and frolic their way to a 5K, all sharing in the simple yet profound moment.

I was scanning the stops, but had no idea where I would be come June/July. Marked the calendar for the Minneapolis date just in case I was still home. Luckily, I got a job in Denver. Luckily, the Do Life Tour was making a stop a week & a half later.

Running has been tough since I got to Denver. I'm blaming the altitude. I've found myself huffing and puffing after short distances, and getting light headed when I push myself too hard. So I need to chill out for a bit, and take baby steps.

This day was no different. My 5K consisted of lots of running, lots of walking, but more importantly, lots of great conversations- during the run (big step for me on a normal day, even bigger when I'm wheezing my way through Denver) and after.

I met an awesome group of girls who have a great mentality and keep pushing themselves. I don't know if they'll get me on the Tumblr bandwagon, but I hope to keep in touch and have them as great motivators. They were super awesome. And had cool shoes.

I met a man and his wife who finally got through to me to get over myself. Because of my competitiveness, I am always in my head and comparing myself to others - most of which are clearly more athletic and faster than me. I need to take a step back and focus on myself- and focus on what I can do as opposed to what I can't. I am finally starting to listen.

I met several others who offered great tips and encouragement. I have always firmly believed surrounding yourself with people better than you to raise your level. But I realized, what's more important than that, is regardless of the level, is surrounding yourself with people who want to be better. Who aspire. Who lift up those around them.

Through this day, I met a great group of people who are all at different fitness levels, have different goals, yet connect on an amazing level. Because no matter what, we are all looking to make our lives a little bit better - one step at a time.

Thanks to Ben for making it happen. Read his blog. It's inspiring.

I've even lost 5 more lbs. since I got to Denver a week and a half ago. That makes 34 total. Still a long way to go.

How did you do life today?


  1. It was so great meeting you Jeff!

  2. "I have always firmly believed surrounding yourself with people better than you to raise your level."

    Well, I know I'm doing that...what are you doing hanging out with me??

    Seriously though, every post you write never fails to leave me inspired and cognizant of the fact that I could be doing more. Thank you for making me uncomfortable. That uncomfortable that ultimately makes someone better :)