Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bolt Run

5K #3. Tampa Bay Bolt Run. 31:14.

Not too bad after one of the most terrible nights of sleep ever and starting to get sick.

I reached my goal of not having to stop, and I had a bonus great sprint to the finish line.

I think I'm at the point where I can start working on time & pacing.

Things that made the race amazing:

-The guy with bubbles. When I saw the cape, I knew he wasn't taking the race too seriously. But let me tell you, I've never seen a more passionate display of motivational bubbling.

-The sun rising over the bay as I was running along Bayshore. The water glistening, the sky waking up and growing brighter with every moment. I don't think I could imagine a more beautiful start to my day.

-Not being toward the back of the pack. Last race, I was about 2/3 of the way back. It was awesome rounding the halfway point and seeing LOTS of people behind me. AND the feeling of not having to stop as so many people started to tire out was awesome!

-The sprint through the tunnel to the finish line. Normally, at about 2.5-3 I am dead. I am sluggish. I have zero energy. But at about 2.5 I was able to pick up the pace a bit. Then I took the final turn into the tunnel and saw the finish line, and I took off into a dead sprint. Everyone else was practically crawling, but I blew by them.

-Feeling AMAZING after the race. No soreness, not too tired. I could have kept going. THAT is exciting :)

-Lastly, and by far, the COOLEST moment: There was a military group running in formation, carrying their flags and doing their chants. When we crossed paths the first time, it was no big deal. But after I finished, I went above the tunnel to watch people finish and the next race start. That's when I heard them. So softly at first. Then louder. Louder. LOUDER. As they came through the tunnel, they were deafening. Chanting, clapping, yelling, cheering. Such an inspirational end to the race.

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